UK Election (updated)

Dear customers and partners!

The United Kingdom Election is set to take place on Thursday the 8th of June.

It is a strong and rare exogenous news event. Such ‘tail’ events affect the strategies randomly in the short term. The liquidity providers may limit their liquidity. It can lead to the widening of spreads as well as potential increased amounts of slippage.

Therefore, I’m going to switch off the NYClose_Trading strategy on June 8th.
I will also reduce the trading volume (lots) in 2 times for other strategies on June 7-8th.

Kind regards,

Updated 09/06/2017: Trading lots back to normal size, except for the NYClose_Trading strategy with GBPCAD / GBPCHF pairs.
Updated 12/06/2017: Trading lots of the NYClose_Trading with GBPCAD / GBPCHF back to normal size.

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