Extra settings

The EA provides additional options that can be configured via the belkaglazer.ini file. This config file is created (with default settings) after the first launch of the EA. It can be located in the following directories:

  • Live trading: File -> Open Data Folder -> MQL4\Files

Live trading belkaglazer.ini file

  • Strategy tester (backtest): File -> Open Data Folder ->tester\files

Tester belkaglazer.ini file

It can be opened with the Notepad or any simple text editor.
Notepad belkaglazer.ini file
You can comment/uncomment a line by adding/removing the ; at the start.

The complete list of Extra settings

  • EAProtectionFilter=0 – allows you to use the EA Protection Filter. 0-Disable (by default), 1-Ignore new signals, 2-Ignore new & close exist. trades. Can be used only in LIVE trading
  • ExportEquityToCSV=0 – outputting the equity to a CSV file located in the following directory: \tester\files\Report_[Account number]\Equity_[Pair]_[UserComment].csv to analyze it by third-party software (for example, Excel). The default separator is a comma. Can be used only in Strategy Tester.
  • ;ExportEquitySeparator=; – custom separator.
  • AutoConstructionEquityCurve=0 – auto construction of equity curve, balance, and drawdown using Belkaglazer Equity Viewer. 0-Disable, 1-Enable.
    For example, ‘White‘ theme:
    Belka Equity Viewer
    Green‘ theme:
    Belka Equity Viewer
    Compare it with this MT4 chart. It seems incredible, but it’s a test of the same strategy!
    Belka Equity Viewer
    Also, you can zoom in/out any area:
    Belka Equity Viewer
  • UseCustomParameterForOptimization=0 – allows you to use a custom performance metric for optimization purposes. 0-Disable, 1-Sharpe Ratio. Can be used only in Strategy Tester.
    To use it on backtests you need to select the ‘Custom‘ parameter on the ‘Testing‘ tab:
    Custom Optimized Parameter
  • DangerousMM=0Dangerous MM in LIVE trading. 0-Deactivate (by default), 1-Activate.