Extra settings

Belkaglazer EA provides additional options that can be configured via the belkaglazer.ini file. This config file is created after the first launch of the EA (if UseSettingsFile=true). It can be located in the following directories:

  • Live trading: File -> Open Data Folder -> MQL4\Files

Live trading belkaglazer.ini file

  • Strategy tester (backtest): File -> Open Data Folder ->tester\files

Tester belkaglazer.ini file

It can be opened with the Notepad or any simple text editor.
Notepad belkaglazer.ini file
You can comment/uncomment a line by adding/removing the ; at the start.

The complete list of Extra settings

  • EAProtectionFilter=0 – allows you to use the EA Protection Filter. 0-Disable (by default), 1-Ignore new signals, 2-Ignore new & close exist. trades. Can be used only in LIVE trading
  • ExportEquityToCSV=0 – outputting the equity to a CSV file located in the following directory: \tester\files\Report_[Account number]\Equity_[Pair]_[UserComment].csv to analyze it by third-party software (for example, Excel). The default separator is a comma. Can be used only in Strategy Tester.
  • ;ExportEquitySeparator=; – custom separator.
  • AutoConstructionEquityCurve=0 – auto construction of equity curve, balance, and drawdown using Belkaglazer Equity Viewer. 0-Disable, 1-Enable.
    For example, ‘White‘ theme:
    Belka Equity Viewer
    Green‘ theme:
    Belka Equity Viewer
    Compare it with this MT4 chart. It seems incredible, but it’s a test of the same strategy!
    Belka Equity Viewer
    Also, you can zoom in/out any area:
    Belka Equity Viewer
  • UseCustomParameterForOptimization=0 – allows you to use a custom performance metric for optimization purposes. 0-Disable, 1-Sharpe Ratio. Can be used only in Strategy Tester.
    To use it on backtests you need to select the ‘Custom‘ parameter on the ‘Testing‘ tab:
    Custom Optimized Parameter
  • DangerousMM=0Dangerous MM in LIVE trading. 0-Deactivate (by default), 1-Activate.
  • ExtraMessages=0 – Extra messages in Strategy tester. 0-Disable (by default), 1-Enable