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Belkaglazer update

How to update BelkaMiner EA

1. Close MT4 and create a backup copy of the MT4 ‘profiles‘ folder (File-> Open Data Folder->profiles). This folder contains all settings and charts with set-files loaded.

2. Update the EA to the latest version: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/498#update

3. If all settings are reset to default values (for example, Magic=55330), close MT4 and restore the ‘profiles‘ folder from the backup.

I recommend attaching the EA to a chart from the ‘Experts‘ folder. To do this, copy ‘BelkaMiner.ex4‘ file from ‘MQL4\Experts\Market‘ to ‘MQL4\Experts‘ folder. This will help avoid issues when updating the EA because MT4 will update the .ex4 file that is not used for live trading.

Version 1.18x – 2020.04.20

– Added a new ML technique – Neural Network (Supervised). The EA trains perceptron using raw data without clustering. Supervised learning is the machine learning task of learning a function that maps an input to an output based on example input-output pairs. Please visit the ‘How to Use the EA’ section on my website for more details.

– Added new parameters:

– ‘AllowExtraTrades‘ – maximum number of additional trades that can be opened if the EA gets a new trading signal, and there are open positions.
– ‘ExtraTradesPause‘ – minimum pause in bars between the additional trades.
– ‘EventHandling‘ – how often to handle events: Once a minute (default, recommended) or Every tick (this may use too much CPU resources).
– ‘ProbabilityOfProfit%‘ – minimal predicted probability that a trade will result in profit (chance of making at least $0.01 on a trade). If perceptron predicts a value lower than specified, the trading signal will be ignored and the trade will not be opened.
– ‘MinimumProfit%‘ – minimum profit level, calculated as % of the average profitable trade, to mark a trade as profitable in the output data for training the perceptron.

– Minor Improvements.

Version 1.19x – 2020.05.04

– Added News Filter: ‘UseNewsFilter‘, ‘DataProvider‘, ‘Symbols‘, ‘FilterEvents‘, ‘FilterCustomEvents‘, ‘FilteringAction‘, ‘BeforeEventMin‘, ‘AfterEventMin‘, ‘DisplayEvents‘, ‘CBOE_VIX_Filter‘, ‘UseTailFilter‘ parameters.

– Added a new parameter: StopHour – time-based stop loss that automatically closes trades at a specified hour, regardless of other conditions (disabled if >23). It allows you to limit the maximum position holding time.