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It's necessary to divide trading risks between presets that use the same strategy.
You can use a software like QuantAnalizer (free version) to merge different MT4 reports.

The EA is designed in a clear and logical way. All possible settings/strategies are customizable.

You don’t require low delay (latency) with your VPS and fast execution speed with your broker. Only the ‘NYClose trading’ strategy will require low spreads and an ECN account. For other strategies, the low spread is not important due to the fact they have a high expected value (mathematical expectation) in pips. Thus, if you don’t use ‘NY_CloseTrading’ strategy, you may use any account type.

Spoiler: Why the 'NY_CloseTrading' strategy uses a big stop >>>

For now (v1.78 September 2017), the Belkaglazer platform allows you to use 10 diverse strategies.

The author’s Set-files

— Last Updated: 15 October 2017 | v1.787c [What’s new in Presets]—

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Commission: $7 per one standard lot, round trip
Live execution (TDS2 simulation)
The strategy uses a price movement through an identified horizontal daily level of support or resistance. The strategy opens trades during high volatility period when the price breaks through support/resistance levels.

Keep in mind that Gold is more volatile than most currency pairs.
Smaller lot size is recommended.

EURUSD 1-Stop[BR][PCh][v1.778][Daily_levels]_EURUSD_M30_L1.set
1-Stop[BR][PCh][v1.778][Daily_levels]_EURUSD_M30_L1_(ATR).set StopLoss/TakeProfit in %ATR
USDJPY 1-Stop[BR][PCh][v1.778][Daily_levels]_USDJPY_M30.set See ‘2-Other‘ folder
XAUUSD 1-Stop[BR][PCh][v1.778][Daily_levels]_GOLD_M30.set (On a real ECN account, this preset has a bad execution with high slippage.)

3-Market[BR][PCh][v1.787][Daily_levels]_GOLD_M1.set (The same strategy with Market Execution. This execution is better, but the strategy performance is worse)
Added: 2017.08.27

You can face the risk of a bad execution with high slippage.
1-Stop[BR][PCh][v1.778][Daily_levels]_GOLD_M30_(lite).set (On a real ECN account, this preset has a bad execution with high slippage.)

3-Market[BR][PCh][v1.787][Daily_levels]_GOLD_M1_(lite).set (The same strategy with Market Execution. This execution is better, but the strategy performance is worse)
Added: 2017.08.27


Smaller TakeProfit

You can face the risk of a bad execution with high slippage.

2-Intraday_levels (Added: 2017.08.27 )
The strategy opens trades during high volatility period when the price breaks through Intraday support/resistance levels. XAUUSD 1-Stop[BR][PCh][v1.778][Intraday_levels]_GOLD_M60.set

3-Market[BR][PCh][v1.787][Intraday_levels]_GOLD_M1.set (The same strategy with Market Execution)

The strategy uses a significant price movement in one direction on high volume. The strategy waits for a strong price movement assuming that the market will continue to move in the same direction. EURUSD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.787][Impulse_Intraday]_EURUSD_M15_(D).set The strategy has a low winning percentage of 30% – 40%. You can experience over 15 consecutive losses in a row.
Added: 2017.06.24
Added: 2017.07.25
EURAUD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][Impulse_Intraday]_EURAUD_M30.set
Added: 2017.07.25
Added: 2017.07.25
GBPUSD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][Impulse_Intraday]_GBPUSD_M30.set
Added: 2017.08.27
Added: 2017.08.27
EURCAD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][Impulse_Intraday]_EURCAD_M30.set
*Please read the note below
It is a classic mean reversion strategy. It places a pending limit order in the opposite direction of a short-term price movement at the end of the North American Session (New York). The MR strategy assumes the price is likely to reverse direction and move back to the mean (average) in the near future.


This strategy has a low TP/SL ratio!


It’s strongly recommended to switch off ‘NY_CloseTrading’ strategy during the high-impact Forex news events.



AUDCAD 0-Limit[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_AUDCAD_M5.set

2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_AUDCAD_M5.set (The same strategy with Market Execution)


2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_AUDCAD_M5_(B).set (The same strategy with Market Execution)

Bollinger bands
AUDNZD 0-Limit[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_AUDNZD_M5.set

2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_AUDNZD_M5.set (The same strategy with Market Execution)

*It has given bad live results since early 2017
0-Limit[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_AUDNZD_M5_(wm).set *It has given bad live results since early 2017
TakeProfit is fixed
EURNZD 0-Limit[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_EURNZD_M5.set

2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_EURNZD_M5.set (The same strategy with Market Execution)

GBPCAD 0-Limit[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_GBPCAD_M5.set
GBPCHF 0-Limit[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_GBPCHF_M5.set
Scalping (for example) GBPUSD 2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][NY_CloseTrading]_GBPUSD_M1.set M1 Timeframe / Market Execution
The strategy enters a trade on Monday morning in the opposite direction of a market movement on Friday. It uses the difference in volatility between Friday and Monday (‘Weekend effect’). EURUSD 2-Market[MR][PA][v1.778][MondayTrading]_EURUSD_M30_(M).set
USDJPY 2-Market[MR][PA][v1.778][MondayTrading]_USDJPY_M30.set Added: 2017.06.12
GBPUSD 2-Market[MR][PA][v1.778][MondayTrading]_GBPUSD_M30.set Added: 2017.06.12
USDCHF 2-Market[MR][PA][v1.778][MondayTrading]_USDCHF_M30.set Added: 2017.06.12
See ‘2-Other‘ folder
NewsPattern is a momentum-based seasonal strategy. It opens a trade during high-impact news events. NZDUSD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][NewsPattern]_NZDUSD_M5_(2).set
AUDNZD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][NewsPattern]_AUDNZD_M5.set Added: 2017.06.12
EURAUD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][NewsPattern]_EURAUD_M5.set Added: 2017.06.12
EURCAD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][NewsPattern]_EURCAD_M5.set Added: 2017.06.12
EURNZD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.778][NewsPattern]_EURNZD_M5.set Added: 2017.06.12
See ‘2-Other‘ folder
The strategy enters the market in the direction of the overall trend when the price approaches a medium-term support/resistance level. EURUSD 2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][RollBackPattern]_EURUSD_M60_(15).set *The preset has given bad live results since early 2017. There is a high risk that the strategy is over-fitted!
H1 Timeframe
8-PreviousDayHL (Added: 2017.05.18 )
The strategy is based on a simple concept: if the price breaks yesterday’s high or low, then the price movement will continue in the direction of the breakout. USDJPY 1-Stop[BR][PCh][v1.778][PreviousDayHL]_USDJPY_M30.set


This strategy will only work with a broker who closes daily candles at 5 pm New York time.
9-IntradayMR (Added: 2017.05.18 )
A simple Intraday Mean Reversion strategy. USDJPY 2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][IntradayMR]_USDJPY_M5_(B).set Bollinger bands
2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][IntradayMR]_USDJPY_M5.set See ‘2-Other‘ folder
XAUUSD 2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][IntradayMR]_GOLD_M5.set Added: 2017.06.16
GBPUSD 2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][IntradayMR]_GBPUSD_M5.set See ‘2-Other‘ folder
EURUSD 2-Market[MR][PCh][v1.778][IntradayMR]_EURUSD_M5_(S).set
*This set file has a small average trade. It’s required a good broker with low spreads.
Added: 2017.10.15
See ‘2-Other‘ folder
10-FrontRunning (Added: 2017.08.21 )
FrontRunning is a strategy that uses publicly available knowledge about the behavior of a certain large group of market participants (when they will enter or exit a market). For example, most ‘momentum’ traders will buy after closing a large bullish candle. Knowing this, you can enter the market a moment before such a large candle is completely formed, and you can catch the price movement that ‘momentum’ traders will create when they simultaneously buy a currency pair.

See Figure 3: Volatility during an hour

EURUSD 3-Market[M][PA][v1.787][FrontRunning]_EURUSD_M1.set This strategy has a very small average trade (1-2pips) and a short position holding time (max. 1-2min).

I recommend using it only for educational purposes.

It’s required a good broker with low spreads.

The MT4 StopLoss is temporarily disabled in the ‘NY_CloseTrading‘ strategy with cross-pairs (eg AUDNZD) for 1 hour during the ‘FX rollover’ (a low-liquidity time). Otherwise, the MT4 StopLoss can be activated due to the spread widening. If StopLoss will be accidentally triggered (for example, if a spread has widened from 3 to 40 pips for 1 Sec.) then this may lead to a big loss. The MT4 StopLoss cannot correctly protect your position during a low-liquidity time.

You can disable this option if your broker has a similar feature:

AlpariSettings Belkaglazer

Just set ‘DisableSL_Hour‘ parameter to ‘-1

You also can turn off this option if you are sure that your broker does not widen spreads during the ‘FX rollover’ time.

An example of the spread widening:

SpreadWidening Belkaglazer