Belkaglazer Expert Advisor
Belkaglazer EA is a universal EA allowing traders to build diverse trading algorithms and create custom FX market research. The original EA can be purchased only at by this link. The EA comes in two versions: MT4 and MT5.
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Presets & Tests (shared folder)
Setting Files and Backtests for the Belkaglazer Expert Advisor
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Presets & Tests (zip file)
Setting Files and Backtests for the Belkaglazer Expert Advisor
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What's new in Presets
What's new in the published set-files
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News events database
News events database for testing strategies (contains CBOE VIX data)
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Tools - News Parser
Software (C#) for parsing .html files (news data) from
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Tools - Equity Viewer
Software (C#) for auto-building equity curve and drawdown chart. Works together with Belkaglazer EA v1.85x or higher
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MM Calculator
A simple tool to calculate MM settings | v1.787 | No longer supported!
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Belkaglazer Researcher (contains an example of historical data)
Belkaglazer Researcher is a software that allows you to do some studies of the FX market.
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MT4 Historical Data (Alpari, GMT+2, DST: Europe)
Historical data in CSV format
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