BelkaMiner EA

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BelkaMiner is a fully automated breakout/reversal trading system based on the most well-known clustering algorithm that is used for unsupervised Machine Learning and statistical data analysis (Data Mining).

  • The EA allows you to build a machine learning-based trading system on any pair and timeframe;
  • It’s a real Data Miner, not just pretty words. You can fully control the learning process and change the data mining settings in your own way;
  • The system can learn how to trade breakout and reversal strategies by recognizing patterns in historical data;
  • The Bollinger BandsDonchian Channel and 6 low correlated Input variables with the Outlier data filter are available;
  • You can share ML-based strategies with the community, the Data Mining results are stored in a text file;
  • The system does not use Martingale, grid, hedging and other risky Money Management techniques;
  • This is a long-term project that will last at least 10 years. The EA is based on Belka Coreso that both EAs will be developed together;
  • Automatic detection of GMT offset and 4/5-digit broker.

Live monitoring: Demo settings

Please read this post first: How to Use BelkaMiner. Visit my website for more info;

Default(demo) settings of the EA contains a mean reversion strategy with the EURUSD pair on the M5 timeframe.
The Demo_EURUSD_M5 settings file will be created automatically after the first run;

DO NOT buy this EA if you want easy and quick money.
Buy it if you want to learn more about ML technologies and to use them in your trading.


  • ML-based systems are called Black-box to indicate that their function is obscured. In terms of ML, it is very difficult to figure out what has been learned;
  • Therefore, there is a high risk of over-fitting. That’s why I do not use ML-based models to generate trading signals; I only use them to analyze and classify signals generated by the simple White-box algorithm. In other words, I use Gray-box models. This allows the system to be more likely to pass the out-of-sample test at the first run;
  • You can use the demo version for educational purposes.


  • Account type: any;
  • Account balance: any;
  • Brain and desire to study ML-based models together with me.


  • I strongly recommend using the MT5 version for data mining and backtesting. It works much faster. It’s enough a demo version, not necessary to buy it. You can use SetFileConverter from my website (Download section) to open a set-file or convert it to the MT4/MT5 version;
  • It is recommended splitting historical data into an in-sample period used for the initial parameter estimation, data mining, and an out-of-sample period used to evaluate forecasting performance. This helps to slightly reduce the risk of curve-fitting. But remember, out-of-sample testing is not the panacea;
  • It is recommended using historical data from different providers/brokers.

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