My name is Dmitriy, I am the author of Belkaglazer EA and BelkaMiner EA. I’m a full-time individual trader. I have programming skills and a bachelor’s degree in economics. I started my trading journey in 2006 and spent over ten years developing my algorithmic approach to researching markets and building various trading models and strategies for stocks, futures, options, and currencies. I pay particular attention to risk control and diversification.

My style is portfolio trading. I use more than ten diverse strategies (breakout, momentum, mean-reversion) combined into a portfolio. The strategies are based on three basic models and diversified using various parameters and financial instruments. Such a style allows creating portfolios with specific expected values of maximum drawdown, diversification level, profit/risk, volatility of the equity curve.

Portfolio trading has advantages over trading with only one strategy. Such trading has a lower drawdown; smaller leverage is used. A portfolio is better adapted for trading in different market regimes and has lower volatility.