What are the best settings for the EA?
What are the default settings?
What criteria can I use for portfolio composition?
How can I get reliable backtest results?
What reoptimization frequency do you recommend for Belka?
Do you recommend optimizing over the entire history, or only the recent history to better adapt to current market conditions?
How to use the EA for trading on the M240/60/30/15 timeframe?
I have just purchased/installed the Belkaglazer. The EA does not open any trade. What is the problem?
I cannot find the set files. Am I missing something?
I see there is a parameter GMT_offset, the default value is 0. What does that mean? Should I change it?
What are the requirements for delays and spreads?
How will the EA act, if a short-term computer shutdown will occur.
Can I use the EA with others on the same account?
Before buying it, is it possible to experiment on a demo account?
How many accounts can I use with the EA?
Why the 'NY_CloseTrading' strategy uses a big stop