What are the best settings for the EA?

There are no the best settings. The EA is a constructor (platform) for building trading strategies. You can create your own strategy or use my strategies/set-files. This EA is not for quick money. It does not use short-term strategies (retail scalping, martingale/grid based, etc.), which can lose your money in the long term.
So you need to spend some time:

1. Please read: https://belkaglazer.com/en/belkaglazer-en/how-to-use-en
2. Try to backtest the strategies. It’s not a good idea to use all presets at once. Try to choose strategies/presets and create your own portfolio according to your desired values of the profit/risk. You can use the MM calculator to determine MM settings before building a portfolio in QuantAnalizer (this is a software for merge different MT4 reports). You need to divide trading risks between presets that use the same strategy.
3. Send me your portfolio. I can advise you how to make your portfolio better.

No one can do this work for you because everyone has different preferences regarding the risk, profit, and strategies.
If you don’t have enough experience, I recommend building a copy of any my portfolio/signal.

What are the default settings?

The default settings of the EA correspond to the ‘Daily_levels‘. It’s a breakout strategy based on the horizontal levels on D1. It’s a very slow and long-term strategy. In the long-term, this is the most robust strategy I have ever known.

What criteria can I use for portfolio composition?
How can I get reliable backtest results?

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What re-optimization frequency do you recommend for Belka?

In general, enough 1-2 times a year. It’s essential to optimize a strategy correctly, taking into account robustness. The robustness is an ability of a strategy to make money in the future. The more robustness, the more likely that results of a backtest are not just a randomness.
A value of each parameter should have a rationale. Optimizing only one parameter at the same time is necessary.

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Do you recommend optimizing over the entire history, or only the recent history to better adapt to current market conditions?
I use long-term strategies. Therefore, it makes no sense to adjust a strategy to the recent history or the current market conditions; you can fall into the optimization trap.
The start date and min. period depends on many factors. In general, a good backtest should have at least 300-500 trades over 5-10 years. Otherwise, the results of the test will not have statistical significance.
How to use the EA for trading on the M240/60/30/15 timeframe?
Any preset file is configured for a specific timeframe.

You need to adjust a lot of settings if you want to use a preset file on another timeframe.

I have just purchased/installed the Belkaglazer. The EA does not open any trade. What is the problem?
It’s a long-term EA. The trading frequency depends on the strategy and settings. See the backtests.
I cannot find the set files. Am I missing something?
I see there is a parameter GMT_offset, the default value is 0. What does that mean? Should I change it?

Alpari, AxiTrader, Tickmill, Pepperstone, ICMarkets and many others close daily candles at 5 pm New York time (it corresponds to ‘GMT+2’ in winter and ‘GMT+3’ in summer) and give five 24-hour daily candles for every week.
It means that you only need to set the ‘NYCloseBroker’ parameter of the EA to ‘true’. In this case, the EA will not take into account the GMT_offset/Daylight_Saving_Time parameters. The EA will use daily charts/data directly.

If the server time of your broker is not set to the ‘New York Close’ timezone, then it’s necessary to set the ‘NYCloseBroker’ parameter to ‘false’ and set the GMT_offset/Daylight_Saving_Time parameters according to the time zone of your broker. In this case, the EA will recalculate daily charts and data to get five daily candles per a week.

What are the requirements for delays and spreads?
You don’t require low delay (latency) with your VPS and fast execution speed with your broker. Only the ‘NY_CloseTrading’ strategy requires low spreads and an ECN account. For other strategies, a low spread is not important because they have a high expected value (mathematical expectation) in pips. Thus, if you don’t use ‘NYClose_Trading’ strategy, you may use any account type.
How will the EA act, if a short-term computer shutdown will occur.
If you did not change the MagicNumber, then the EA will pick up its open orders and continue to control positions.
Can I use the EA with others on the same account?
Yes, the EA can be used with other experts.
Before buying it, is it possible to experiment on a demo account?
There is no possibility to experiment with a demo account. MQL5 allow doing only a backtest.
How many accounts can I use with the EA?
The Belkaglazer has 10 activations. An activation is spent for each computer or virtual server (VPS) where you download the EA. But you can open as many different accounts/platforms as you want, without consuming more than 1 activation on this computer.